Wine Tasting

On the same day the print version of the San Antonio Express-News featuring Jerry Lara’s beautiful photography arrived on our doorstep, Rachel took her last breath in our Blue Room. That’s our CoFounder Patsy Sasek sitting with her, along with Rachel’s husband Felipe.

Rachel, 77, was under the care of Heart of Texas Hospice.

Sweet story about how Rachel came to us: Her daughter Lisa’s husband plays in the same band as our Navigator Crystal’s husband, Troy. The husbands were talking about Rachel and her need for more care – and Troy mentioned ABODE. A few phone calls later, we were able to welcome Rachel to our Blue Room – the same room where we cared for Crystal’s brother, Joe, in May of last year. We didn’t plan that – it just worked out that way.

Sweet coincidences happen here all the time. We’re happy we could be of help to Rachel and her family.