What is ABODE

What is ABODE?
We are the only nonprofit family-like home in San Antonio offering contemplative care for those in the last three months, weeks or days of life. Our trained End of Life Navigators and volunteers offer a beautiful home, meals, personal care and round-the-clock physical, emotional and spiritual support in a contemplative environment.
What is contemplative care?
At ABODE, we think of contemplative care as being fully present, truly listening to one another and being intentional in everything we do. We often hear from Guests and families: “It’s so peaceful here” or “There’s something about this place I can’t quite describe” or “I feel the love here.” That feeling, we believe, is the result of our attention to contemplative care and practices.
Who is eligible for ABODE?

We welcome those in their last three months, weeks or days of life who are on hospice and in need of a place to live and/or 24-hour care during their last phase of life. We have a list of criteria that Guests must meet – primarily, our Guests must be on hospice. Your hospice social worker can refer you to ABODE by calling us at (210) 967-9891 and emailing your clinicals to us at admissions@abodehome.org. Please ask that your name be included in the subject line.

Who might benefit from ABODE?
A person who does not have a caregiver at home. Someone whose family members have limitations in providing care. Someone who has only one caregiver, or whose caregivers need rest. Or someone who does not have an adequate place to stay.
Can my family participate in my care?

Yes! ABODE encourages family visits! We’ve found that 8 am-10 pm are the best visiting hours to ensure that Guests have ample time to sleep overnight.

Where is ABODE located?
We have a lovely 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home at 8619 Post Oak Lane in San Antonio, surrounded by tall trees, gardens, good intentions and love.
Is ABODE affiliated with any religion?
No. We offer compassionate, interfaith and spiritual care in a contemplative community where we welcome and honor people from all cultures, spiritual backgrounds and traditions. And we welcome men and women without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age or and gender.
Do you have availability?
Availability of bedrooms changes frequently. We can often admit a resident on fairly short notice, but it’s best to discuss matters in advance of a possible need.
Is ABODE the right place for me or my loved one?

Staying at home to receive care at the end of life is not always possible.

The choice of location depends on your goals of care, medical condition, needs and circumstances.

  • Hospitals and skilled nursing homes are medical facilities. ABODE is a non-medical residential home.
  • Skilled nursing homes and most assisted living facilities (large or small) focus on long-term residents (two or more years). ABODE focuses on those in their last three months, weeks and days of life.

Those who come to ABODE have, along with their doctors, nurses and loved ones, a plan of care focused on peace, comfort and quality of life rather than on a cure or aggressive treatments.

Can I receive hospice services while at ABODE?
Yes, absolutely. You must be on hospice to come to ABODE. Our staff and volunteers partner with your hospice team on all care and pain and symptom management, as well as spiritual support, counseling and education. Hospice team members will visit you regularly, and provide vital support to your loved ones, in collaboration with ABODE.
Do you serve Guests with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease?
We can admit Guests, on a case by case basis, if dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease is their secondary diagnosis.

Charges and Insurance

How much does it cost?
We do not charge our Guests (or their hospice or insurance) to come to ABODE. Operating expenses are met by donations of individuals, businesses, churches and other local groups. However, our work does require funding. We appreciate all donations to help cover the cost of your care.
I would like to donate to ABODE to help cover my care. How do I do that?

We appreciate donations at the beginning of your stay and every two weeks afterward. You may use our Donate button, or simply write a check.

What is the typical length of stay? Maximum stay?

Our mission is to serve those in the last three months, weeks and days of their lives. Sometimes a Guest comes to ABODE and, because of the care and love we give them, their condition improves. Other times, their needs increase so much that we can no longer safely care for them. If a Guest no longer needs the level or type of services we provide, they move to a more appropriate accommodation. 

Are payments tax deductible?

Yes, donations to ABODE are tax deductible. Tax ID #27-3691295.

Life at ABODE

What is provided?
Each of our three private bedrooms/bathrooms are fully furnished with your hospice-provided bed, along with two side tables, guest chair, lamp, and fold-out sofa for overnight visitors. You’ll also a closet, cable TV and French doors that lead out to your patio. All Guests receive ample linens and bath towels, as well as basic toileting items – though you’re welcome to bring your own.
Are meals provided?
Yes. Before you arrive, we like to know your food preferences and preferred meal/snack times. We also encourage your family and friends to bring your favorite foods.
How are medications stored?
All medications (including over-the-counter) are kept, locked up and monitored by our ABODE staff.
Can I smoke or consume alcohol on the premises?
Smoking is allowed only on the porch with your patio door closed. No smoking is allowed inside ABODE. Alcohol is not encouraged, but exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.
What are the visiting hours?

We’ve found that 8 am-10 pm are the best hours for visiting so that Guests can get a good night’s sleep.

Can I bring my own furniture and other personal belongings?
Each bedroom at ABODE is fully furnished and space is provided for personal belongings, such as clothing, towels, toiletries, blankets, and other smaller items. We’re unable to accommodate large furniture like dressers, cabinets and tables. We do encourage you to bring photos, personal art and similar items, space allowing. Please don’t bring money, wallets, jewelry or other valuables.
Are pets allowed?
House-trained pets are welcome to visit on a limited basis. Dogs and cats must be on a leash; all other pets require permission from the Executive Director.
Is the house wheelchair accessible?
Yes. A wheelchair entrance makes indoor and outdoor areas easily accessible. Wide doorways and bathroom access assure mobility throughout the house.