What is a Doula?

Too many people die without their affairs in order, which creates confusion and frustration for the families during an already emotional time.

ABODE End of Life Doulas provide practical help and support to both the dying person and their family. We guide families in understanding and accessing palliative care, hospice care and pain management services, ensuring that comfort and quality of life are prioritized.

We also help take the mystery out of the dying process, so the family and dying person have time and space to honor the transition.

What is an ABODE Doula?

An ABODE Doula is a person who has graduated from our End of Life Doula certification program and has been trained on our contemplative care approach to serving those at end of life.

ABODE Doulas can help people who:

  • Are at the end of life and would like companionship and education about what to expect during their final days
  • Need assistance completing their advanced directives and other end of life paperwork
  • Are interested in planning an end of life celebration
  • Have family members in need of a respite from constant caregiving
  • And more!

ABODE Doulas can serve people in:

  • Their homes
  • Assisted living centers
  • Hospitals
  • In centers like ABODE
Doula Patricia and Amy
Death Doula Certification


Please reach out to ABODE EOL Doula Director Natalie Buster to request a doula.


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