Our Guests’ courage and faith never fail to touch our hearts. Guests like Mary, who came to us with Stage 4 endometrial cancer. At age 73, Mary lived alone in San Antonio’s Monte Vista neighborhood. She knew she was dying and didn’t want to be a burden on anyone – especially her nieces, who were busy with their families and careers. But Mary could no longer live alone.

Her hospice team brought Mary to ABODE, where we provided the 24/7 care she needed. Family members visited regularly – her best friend from MacArthur High School barely left her side. Mary didn’t have to worry about anything – she could just focus on experiencing a peaceful death. Nine days later, Mary died knowing how much she was loved and cared for – and how much she would be missed.

Other Guests come to us with no family and few, if any, friends. We become their family and friends – and they become ours. Since December 2014, we’ve cared for close to 200 very diverse Guests, including veterans from all branches of the military. All are welcome at ABODE. We do not charge our Guests for our services – nor do we charge insurance or accept government support. We operate solely on donations and grants.

Each of our Guests is special and unique – though we’ve found common threads in their final days. They often ask: What did my life represent? Did I say everything I wanted to say? Did I love well? Was I loved?

Our contemplative approach to care comes into play as Guests ponder those questions. We have honed a sixth sense about nuanced changes, needs, when to engage, when to pull back and when to simply be present – because sometimes the most helpful thing we can do is simply be. ABODE is a place where Guests can find peace before they die. And we honor and celebrate them every step of the way.

“If you want to help those most in need to die with love, care and dignity, support ABODE. This is a place where God dwells.”

John Calhoun Wells

“ABODE is a place of angels. Some of the most beautiful and caring people I know!”

Sheila Korte

“We would walk in and someone was always sitting with her and holding her hand. They wanted her to know she wasn’t alone.”

Norma Rodriguez

“When the time came for my mom to go, they grieved with us. Everything about this place is perfect.”

Victoria Van Winkle

“I so wish you all had more rooms or there were more homes like this in San Antonio.”

Tracie Marie

“At ABODE, I witnessed God’s demonstration of true compassionate patience. The caregivers here are incredible.”

Linda Mitchell

“Thank you for making my family part of your family in our time of sorrow. We are healing as time passes by.”

Erlinda Amador

“ABODE’s backyard is filled with such spiritual features. It’s a true place of stillness and peace.”

Jill Phelps

“ABODE is a safe and welcoming space where love and peace abide, lighting the way for each Guest to make their journey.”

Melanie Sue

“I’ve been doing this work a long time. I’ve learned more about dying from all of you than I learned in all my years of nursing. This is an extraordinary place.”
“I can’t find the words to express how the staff and volunteers took care of my husband. A marvelous experience – I learned more from ABODE than I have anywhere else about compassion and caring.”
“It is like a park here. So beautiful. I love everything here. I love everyone here. Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me.”

Our Veterans

About 5 percent of our Guests are veterans. All branches of the service have been represented. We are grateful to Herschel Sheines and the Jewish War Veterans for their continued support of ABODE and our Veteran Guests.

We’re always especially honored when we can care for Guests who served in our military. In fact, we always place a flag representing their military branch outside their room.