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Patricia and Amy

We are delighted to support the important, heart-centered and emerging career field of End of Life Doulas. The below wonderful humans have completed our ABODE End of Life Certification program, become immersed in our contemplative care foundation, gained invaluable experience at ABODE and are eager to be of service to you.

What can an ABODE Doula do for you? First and foremost, our Doulas will support you throughout your end-of-life journey. We’ll advocate for you, support your hospice team and ensure your final days are just the way you’d like them to be.

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Bruce Birt

Bruce Birt

I feel the great need to help others in experiencing the richness found in accompanying our love ones.

Dana Fox

Dana Fox

I am an End of Life Doula because I realized, after obtaining my Funeral Director and Embalming licenses, that I want to help support people and their families through the process of death in addition to assisting them and/or their family with memorializing them after they are gone.

Dana is skilled in bedside care and is open to serving the North, Northwest and Central neighborhoods of San Antonio.

Rachel Epp Miller

Rachel Epp Miller

I believe that no one should face the big thresholds/transitions of life alone. I want to make myself available to accompany and support those who are dying and those who love them, to enhance dignity and face the unknown with loving kindness.

Rachel is skilled in bedside care. She is open to serving the greater San Antonio area.

Amy Gilbertson

Amy Gilbertson, LPC

ABODE is such a unique and heart-centered organization! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in an End of Life Doula training that guides practitioners in the “ABODE Way.”

I have always been drawn to learning about, and being a part of, quality, compassionate end-of-life care. I have been blessed to learn from a variety of teachers and in a variety of environments over the years. ABODE has something special. Here, the care and services come from a solid foundation in contemplative practices; the care is deeply rooted in loving presence.

The work of ABODE and the doula training offered here helps us all learn to live more fully until we die and teaches us how to die well – with awareness, preparation, intention and support. I feel honored to learn and serve alongside the staff, volunteers and families of ABODE.

Yasmine Gonzales

Yasmine Gonzales

As a licensed massage therapist, Yasmine understands the value of caring touch and compassionate listening firsthand. She brings this approach to her end-of-life care practice.

Yasmine is also passionate about hearing people’s life stories and preserving them in the form of living tributes and other written legacy projects.

She is a Spanish speaker and open to serving as a doula in Northwest San Antonio, including Helotes and Boerne.

Life Transition Doulas

Life Transition Doulas

Over the past two decades, Sandy and Wayne have guided friends, family and ABODE Guests to peaceful passings and are Certified ABODE Doulas and IDLM Certified Life Planning Doula Specialists. Their services include advance care, funeral and celebration-of-life planning, vigil work and post-transition management.

Sandy and Wayne are skilled in education and end-of-life planning and are open to serving the greater San Antonio area.

Ginger McGilvray

Ginger McGilvray

I had something like a near-death experience as a child. Then, at age 30, I was with my dad as he died. Life and death go together and all of it is sacred. It’s our birthright to go into our own death in full honesty, with respect and support from others. I want to be one of those respectful, supportive others. This is a good thing to do with my life.

Ginger is a professional massage therapist and is located in Austin. She is open to serving the northside of San Antonio and New Braunfels.

Jessica Quintanilla Enhanced SR

Jessica Quintanilla

After my daughter crossed over, I had a hard time making sense of the day-to-day things in life. Coming into the end-of-life space offered me community with people who are curious and interested in doing meaning-making work, and I’m inspired by personal stories. A phrase from ABODE’s Vision Statement rings true for me: “We live in a world where death is not feared, and we live fully until we die.”

Jessica is a veteran who is skilled in bedside care. She is located in Floresville, but open to serving the greater San Antonio area.

Susan Ruch

Susan Ruch

“We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass

Susan is a retired educator who is skilled in legacy planning. She is open to serving the greater San Antonio area.

Christina Semple

Dr. Christina Semple

A mental health professional focused on grief and childhood trauma, Christina Semple earned her doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology in 2014 from Alliant International University. Her career has pivoted from hospice care management to counseling to school administration. She currently serves as a Behavioral Health Technician Instructor for the US Armed Forces.

In addition, she has been a student and practitioner of spirituality for over 25 years to include such distinctions as Master Ritual Facilitator, Reiki Master and Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist.

Having been a companion of grief after the deaths of her beloved father and best friend, Dr. Christina has created her Vision: to change the way the world grieves. Through community outreach, grief education and her role as a Death Doula, she aims to extend sacred healing practices to the underserved, disenfranchised and communities of color.

Courtney Sheets

Courtney Sheets

Through the deaths of both of my parents and close loved ones, I came to realize that denying the inevitable and failing to plan for it makes the end more stressful and painful than necessary. This period gave me the experience of designing home funerals and seeing the opportunity for bringing people together in a sacred and connecting way. It catalyzed a desire to help shift taboos around the death conversation and expand my knowledge of what it means to be “death-positive.”

Courtney is certified as an End of Life Death Doula through Alua Arthur’s Going with Grace program and began volunteering at ABODE in 2023. She specializes in end-of-life planning for all ages, and helping families wrap up affairs after the death of a loved ones.

K Wagner

Kristy Wagner

By holding space with kindness and presence, I affirm my sacred duty to guide each soul with love, through the gateway of life’s final chapter. I believe that the final chapter of life should be met with love, dignity and profound respect for each person’s wishes, ensuring their legacy is thoughtfully honored and celebrated, reflecting the deep reverence they merit in their final moments.

Along with her ABODE Doula work, Kristy is an Integrative Wellness & Conscious Transformation coach. She specializes in possession planning and organization, companion care, vigil planning and advance end-of-life planning.

Kristy lives in San Antonio and is open to serving the north and northwest side and surrounding hill country.

Sandy Weeks

Sandy Weeks

Navigating the end of one’s life can be a daunting process for a family to endure. I feel I can use my professional nursing and personal experiences to assist families through this tender time. It is an honor to serve others during the most sacred of days.

Sandy is a retired nurse and is located in Helotes. She is open to serving the northwest side of San Antonio.