Peg Armstrong – Understanding Grief
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Grief is the problem. Grieving is the solution. In this presentation, Peg Armstrong shares a very real and honest look at the grieving process and how some cultures are far more comfortable understanding and working through their grief than others. Shock, anger, tears, depression – these are normal responses to pain and loss. Until we explore, talk about and really feel our pain, healing will be out of reach.

Peg Armstrong, ME, LPC, Psychotherapist, has a 40-year practice specializing in grief and bereavement counseling, propelled by an early personal tragedy. Coping with loss also is a major theme in her academic research, training and teaching, her work with psychotherapy clients and in her spiritual practices.

Peg studied psychology and philosophy with Viktor Frankl in Vienna. Other highlights in her training include a workshop by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and working with Mother Teresa in India. Her book “I-Openers” is now in its third printing, and she regularly participates in videos and Zoom sessions on dealing with grief and loss. An original board member of ABODE, Peg also offers workshops and seminars nationally.