Ta-Dah! A New Website!
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Welcome to our new and improved website! Here’s where we’ll share insights into how we offer compassionate, interfaith and spiritual care in a contemplative community so those who are dying leave this world with dignity and grace.

ABODE Website

We’ll also use this site to help teach the art of contemplative living and dying.

In other words, this site serves as one of the many ways we carry out our mission at ABODE. We hope you like it.

The look and feel for this site and our logo comes from artist Nikki May. You may recall that Nikki created the branding for the “Can You Hear the Flowers?” Omega Home Network National Conference that ABODE hosted in San Antonio last summer. You can find Nikki’s beautiful art on her own website. Purchase any of her birth month flower products and she’ll donate 10% percent to ABODE. Just use the code ABODE at checkout.

Our vision: We live in a world where death is not feared, and we live fully until we die. Our intent is for this site to become the resource for all things death and dying – and living fully until we get there.

Let us hear from you on what topics you’d like to see, and we’ll get at it!