Wine Tasting

As always, Retired Air Force Colonel Hal Smarkola comes to ABODE to exchange salutes with our Guests who served in the military. Here, Hal meets Morgan, formerly a Special Forces Army Ranger in the Gulf War. Several of you met Morgan. He was quite independent – in fact, he didn’t care for too much doting on our part. However, he did eventually settle in and let us provide him with the help, care and love that he needed.

Morgan mentioned that he wanted a haircut and a massage, and our ABODE Navigator Terry swung into action, having Nate from Puro Handsome Barber Shop and Maria from Smudgehawk come and work their magic.

The Threshold Singers stopped by to serenade him the day before he died, providing him with such peace and comfort.

Morgan died in our Green Room under the care of Methodist Hospice.

Morgan 1
Morgan 2