Wine Tasting

If you’re a fan of the food samples at HEB, Walmart or the like, it’s possible you met Mary, 79, or one of her staff members. Mary owned her own “demonstration” company. One of her early employees was none other than her lovely granddaughter, Teiah.

To Teiah, “Granny” was her lifelong role model. “She was just so carefree and never worried about anything – and I picked that up from her,” Teiah says of Mary, who came to us under the care of Embrace Hospice. Teiah was here that day, helping Mary settle into our Green Room – and she decided to stay rather than return to her home in Wichita Falls.

As the days went by, Teiah ended up sliding the couch even closer to Mary. And she was here, 12 days later, holding her hand when Mary took her last breath.

“Granny taught me to be very strong,” Teiah says. “She called me Doodlebug. She’s definitely my best friend.”