Wine Tasting
From the moment Mark arrived at ABODE, we knew something magical was going to happen. He was just 58 years old and had battled cancer for several years.

Mark’s room was filled with friendship, laughter, music and love. He’d been somewhat estranged from his family. He and his sisters reunited at ABODE. They told us that their time together here helped heal two generations of family pain. Here’s what they wrote as a tribute to him:

“To know Mark for five minutes was to laugh. To laugh with him for five minutes was to heal. His perspective challenged us to embrace the simple things, reminding us of what is important: People. Love. Generosity. Peace. Kindness. A laugh. A song.

“Music was Mark’s passion. A gifted guitarist, his music flowed from his heart and soul. Like the breath in his lungs, music couldn’t not come out of him. His music connected friends as well as strangers, and gave expression to the beautiful and sorrowful, the intangible things of life.

“At the end, in the beautiful, caring atmosphere of ABODE in San Antonio, amidst his caring attendants and a few simple possessions, were his guitars. And at the joy of hearing goodbyes from his children, when his whole body was failing him, he played air guitar.

“Mark’s courage, his passion for life, his creativity, his strength of will and his love for people were never more evident than in his last two months with us. And on Tuesday morning, in the twinkling of an eye, he passed peacefully with his beloved Missy at his side.”
And that’s just how it should be. Rest In Peace, Mark.