Wine Tasting
Lorena, 95, died at ABODE during the February snowstorm. Her granddaughters Rachelle and Stephanie called her “Momo” and were such a comfort to her in her final days. Weeks before coming to ABODE, Momo was dancing on her porch. Not long after, she suffered a stroke that severely affected her speech and brought on other ailments that shortened her life. Rachelle and Stephanie braved the snow and ice to get to ABODE to be with her.

They spent several days and nights here – and even helped us with our other Guests. Momo would often reach out – she would tell us that she was seeing someone’s hand. Rachelle would tell her: “Lean into the hand with the love and grace from all who will join you soon enough.”

Upon Momo’s death, Rachelle (pictured) expressed how grateful she was that she could spend this tender time with her. “We reached a new level of bonding that I’d never experienced with her before,” she says.
That’s one of the many beauties of ABODE. We offer families and friends a way to focus fully on the most important care of all: Holding your loved ones’ hands and being with them, every step of the way.