Wine Tasting

Kong was another Guest who improved dramatically under our care. If you follow us on social media or receive our email newsletters, you may recall that when he arrived at ABODE, Kong was a bit of a mystery. He understood English and Spanish, but his verbal responses were unrecognizable. We became quite creative in our communication – mostly relying on gestures, smiles and laughter. 


We deciphered that he wanted to go to his post office box. Some sleuthing gave us a clue as to which post office – but we had no idea which box was his, nor did he have his key or any form of identification.

Nonetheless, we packed him up in our End of Life Navigator John Vinson’s car and headed out, not at all convinced that we’d be successful. But we wanted to try. The postal angels must have been with us! Sure enough, we got to the right post office and, after a little “doing,” the clerk retrieved Kong’s mail.

As you can see from the photos, collecting his mail made Kong one happy fella. Not long afterward, his hospice was able to find more appropriate long-term accommodations for him.

We’re sure Kong is entertaining his new caregivers as much as he entertained us. And we’re happy that Kong has some nice longevity ahead!