Wine Tasting
We had a beautiful jewel in our Green Room – literally! Her name was Jewel, and it fit her perfectly.

Jewel had a rough go over the past few years and was in a terrible amount of pain from a very rare blood cancer and other ailments that needed tending to.

Jewel met her husband Pete via a pen pal program during the Vietnam War. Pete was in the Marines. He has a very funny story about this. To impress her – but thinking he’d never meet her – he wrote saying that he was 6’2” (he totally wasn’t – and isn’t) and that he drove a red GTO (at the time, he didn’t even have a driver’s license).

After the war, they did, indeed, meet – and Pete had to come clean about both his height and his car situation. They shared a good laugh and were happily married for almost 50 years.

We were thankful to have Jewel with us so that the two of them could focus solely on the love they shared during her final phase of life. Blessings to Pete and his family.