Wine Tasting

Dorothy, 71, was a healthcare provider and, earlier in her life, a high school custodian. Her family says she was very independent – right up to the end. Not long ago, Dorothy traveled to Louisiana. She’d never been, and no one could talk her out of it. She boarded a bus, arrived in Louisiana, saw what she wanted to see and came back home the same day. Adventurous and efficient!

Dorothy was married for 40 years – she and her husband have two daughters and a son. Her granddaughter Taja, holding Dorothy’s hand in the photo, writes: “I want to thank you and your home for the care that was provided for my grandmother. Your services were awesome for my family and me during her transition phase of her life. May God continue to bless you all.”

You, too, Taja.

Dorothy died in our Blue Room. She was under the care of Trinity Hospice.