Wine Tasting

Each time we welcome a veteran to ABODE, Retired Air Force Colonel Hal Smarkola makes it his mission to offer a final salute. His visit with Bob, 87, was especially poignant.

“This is Military City USA, and it’s our honor to say goodbye and to thank you so much for your service to our country,” Hal told Bob. “Our country is safe because of your service – and you’re now free to pass. You’re now dismissed. Please carry on your work up there. I wish you the best, and we all love you.”

And with that, Bob took his last breath. What a beautiful send-off for this Army vet as he concluded his life’s journey.

We were honored to care for Bob, and we are grateful to Hal for his continued service to our country and to ABODE’s mission.

Bob was under the care of Guiding Light Hospice.

Bob 2