Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
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Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is one of our newer contemplative offerings here at ABODE, and we invite you to become acquainted with this sweet practice! Led by Practitioner and ABODE Doula Ginger McGilvray, BCST may feel like a restorative nap and a deep rest and reset. You may feel expanded awareness wash through your body/mind – a meditative release of contractions and stress responses held subconsciously in your body.

You lie on your back (supported side lying is also fine, whatever’s most comfy), fully clothed and no shoes. Ginger sits with you in compassionate presence and gives gentle, non-invasive touch to engage with your body’s innate fluid energy expressions, the unconditional wisdom within you that knows what’s needed in any moment. It’s a practice of connecting with naturally flowing kindness and faith – like body awareness meditation with the extra potency of having a skilled practitioner along on the journey.

Biodynamics (the movement of life) is an orientation that supports us as we grow, learn, heal and thrive, and will support us in our dying process, as well. Our bodies already know how to do all of it. While we’re living, we can be fully alive, and while we’re dying, we can trust and be carried.

As with any contemplative practice, we can polish our capacity to experience life force wisdom within us, witnessing, recognizing and allowing. This practice helps us to be good friends for our ABODE Guests and ourselves.

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Regularly, check our social media


Regularly, check our social media