Big Give 2024
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The Big Give is back!

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Social media is a big component of Big Give. Please follow ABODE on Facebook and Instagram, and share our favorite stories with your own followers – stories like one of our favorite Guests, Lauri.


“You believed in me, so I believed in myself.” That’s what every teacher yearns to hear – and it’s exactly what Lauri’s former student Austin told her via Facetime – that’s his mom KENS-5 Newscaster Deborah Knapp holding the phone so Lauri could see. Austin is now a successful actor in New York City. A few days after that call, he flew to San Antonio to visit with Lauri.

Lauri taught drama at St. Mary’s Hall for many years. Her love of acting extended to her pet chickens. That’s Meryl Streep in her lap! Her flock also included Hugh Jackman and Sissy Spacek. While at ABODE, Lauri also received a personal performance by the amazing Texas Lutheran University Choir. Her best friend Doug is the conductor, and he visited her daily.

Lauri was under the care of Trinity Hospice. She believed in many, many students, inspiring them to pursue their dreams. A wonderful example of a life well lived.

This is the magic of ABODE, where we care for those in the last three months, weeks and even days of life who need a place to live or someone to care for them. Our services are more critical than ever as COVID-19 isolates us so much, leaving those at the end of life more alone than ever.

Though we work with most hospices in San Antonio, ABODE is not a hospice. Nor are we a nursing facility, assisted living or care center. We are a home, and our small staff serves as extended family providing contemplative care for those who need us most.

The cost of care is $300 a day per Guest. Yet we do not charge our Guests for our services. We depend on the generosity of our community to help us provide the love, care and dignity that all of us deserve in our final days.


This is one of many beautiful stories that make ABODE such a heart-warming experience for all of us. Your donations make all the difference:

$25 Provides cloth bed pads for our Guests’ comfort
$100 Keeps our home and grounds beautiful for Guests and families to enjoy
$275 Covers 24 hours of care from staff and volunteers
$500 Supports memorial services for Guests, many of whom are veterans
$1,000 Contributes to meals, supplies, training and other aspects of our care
$2,500 Supports a Guest for nine days, the average length of stay at ABODE

Thank you in advance for helping us with another successful Big Give campaign.

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Sept. 18-19, from 6 pm to 6 pm

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