Pull Up a Chair Dinner: Aromatherapy for Compassionate Care
Wine Tasting

Essential oils are natural healers for both mind and body, providing physical comfort and emotional serenity for caregivers – and for those at end of life. Modern aromatherapy case studies show the effectiveness of these plant substances, especially for easing stress and fear during times of transition.

Joins us and learn to:

  • Use common essential oils safely and effectively
  • Make our own aromatherapy products for natural well-being
  • Tell if an essential oil is genuine and where to buy them
  • Find reliable resources for further study

Our Program Leaders: Lyn Belisle, Certified Aromatherapist, will demonstrate techniques for calming stress in both patient and caregiver, and she’ll suggest essential oil formulas for healing practices. Dr. Bill Kurtin, Biochemistry Professor Emeritus, Trinity University, will make the basic chemistry of Essential Oils both understandable and useful.

We’ll have a delicious meal prepared by celebrity chef Frankie Boone and festive libations by Scout & Cellar. Suggested $20 donation; free for ABODE volunteers.

Interested in joining in? We’d love to have you with us! Please RSVP to info@abodehome.org by Feb. 9, and we’ll send more details.


Thursday, Feb. 9


5-7:30 pm


Brown Hall, Church of Reconciliation, 8900 Starcrest 

Contemplative Drumming