ABODE Academy 5
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Heart-Centered Planning: Making Sense of Life and Death

Join us for our new ABODE Academy 5, a four-week series via Zoom, 6:30-8 p.m., Thursday evenings, starting Oct. 20. This series is open to everyone anywhere and is part of our mission to teach the art of contemplative living and dying.

ABODE Academy 5 focuses on Heart-Centered Planning: Making Sense of Life and Death. At ABODE, we know that end-of-life planning can serve as a rich opportunity for personal growth. Becoming clear and communicating our priorities and wishes about our health and personal care, our legacy, our death care and after-death care, as well as how we’ll be remembered, will foster our peace of mind and go a long way toward reducing anxiety, regret and conflict.

Please RSVP for any or all of these four sweet (and free) workshops, in partnership with Willow EOL Education & Planning. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible gift to ABODE, please use our DONATE button.


Four Thursdays starting Oct. 20


6:30-8 pm


Via Zoom

  1. Values, Wishes and Who and What Matter Most: A Willow Workshop™ Thursday, Oct. 20

Many of us know the benefits of preparing for our one-day, some-day death. But sometimes it’s hard to get started. All this planning-ahead business feels overwhelming and fragmented. Or perhaps some basic planning pieces are in place, but it feels like your planning documents don’t reflect your true essence.

Values, Wishes and Who and What Matter Most will guide you to explore the reality of your mortality in a fun and interactive workshop. Making sense of life and death before making practical arrangements will ensure that your end-of-life planning reflects your values and priorities.

Whether you have days or decades left to live, thinking about and preparing for your death will inspire you to live your best life now.

In this workshop you will:

  • Articulate your core values and how they impact your living and dying.
  • Get present to your hopes and fears around your inevitable death.
  • Gain some clarity about who and what matter most.
Value Wishes and Who and What Matter Most
  1. Writing Your Heart Will as a Manifesto for Living: A Willow Workshop™
    Thursday, Oct. 27

Your Heart Will™ is a tool to help you reflect on your life and create lasting messages for those you love and for future generations. Sometimes referred to as an Ethical Will, Spirit Will or Legacy Letter, your Heart Will™ can be given to specific people at the end of your life or be shared at a goodbye ritual or ceremony after you die. You might even choose to share your Heart Will™ with others before you die!

Writing your Heart Will™ is a powerful discovery process that supports you to live and love fully. In essence, your Heart Will™ can serve as a manifesto for living to ground and guide you when you need it.

In this workshop you will:

  • Discover how you can use this tool for yourself and to assist others with legacy writing.
  • Get introduced to and experience using the How to Write Your Heart Will™ guide.
  • Experience the impact of reflecting on your life and engaging in the process of discerning who and what matter.
Writing Your Heart Will
  1. How to Create and Live Your Legacy: A Willow Workshop™ Thursday, Nov. 3

No matter what kind of life you live, how much money you have or what you think of your accomplishments, consider that you have a legacy. Inside a thoughtful and dynamic group process you will reflect on what you want your legacy to be and what actions you can take now to create and live that legacy.

In this workshop you will:

  • Explore the concept of legacy and what it means to you.
  • Reflect on your hopes and fears about your legacy.
  • Identify what you believe and hope people will remember you for.
  • Discover how the way you are living now aligns with your desired legacy.
How to Create and Live Your Legacy
  1. The 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™: A Willow Workshop™ Thursday, Nov. 10

With six meaningful prompts, the 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™ helps you write lasting messages to important people in your life and transform those relationships in the here and now.

In this workshop, you’ll be warmed up and guided to write at least one Legacy Love Letter™ to someone in your life. We also discuss how this powerful tool can be used for people supporting or assisting others.

In this workshop you will:

  • Get introduced to and experience using the 5-Minute Legacy Love Letter™.
  • Experience how writing a Legacy Love Letter™ creates an opportunity to reflect and connect.
  • Discover how writing a lasting message can impact your relationships, here and now.
The 5 Minute Legacy Love Letter

As you know, ABODE does not charge our Guests for our services. If you’d like to make a donation to ABODE to support this or any of our other upcoming education programs, please use our DONATE button. Thank you!