Pull Up a Chair: ABODE Values Training
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Our ABODE Values guide every aspect of our work and relationships, and are expressed and advanced through the practice of contemplative living and dying:

  • Embrace and accept those who enter our door.
  • Foster joy and honor the sacredness of living and dying.
  • Serve and support others and ourselves through tenderness and compassion.
  • Invite opportunities for listening and learning, for growth and healing.
  • Awaken hope, trust and awareness.
  • Attend to the dignity and spirit that permeate each moment.
  • Inspire care and attention to words and actions.

Please join us at noon Thursday, March 10, for a complimentary lunch and a deep dive into our Values with a discussion facilitated by Denise Miner-Williams. Denise played a key role in writing our ABODE Values early on.

And feel free to arrive at ABODE at 11 am to join us for Thursday Morning Meditation with Ed Alderette beforehand!

Please RSVP to Mary Thorsby to help with our planning.


Thursday, March 10





Values Training with Denise Miner-Williams