Whimbrel by George Edwards

Whimbrel by George Edwards


Whimbrel  EDWARDS, George. Plate 137 from A Natural History of Birds, London, 1743-51. Hand-colored copperplate engraving. Sheet size: 11x 9 inches; image size: 9 x7 inches. George Edwards is often referred to as the father of English ornithology, but there are a sufficient number of claimants for that title that a paternity test may be in order. There is no doubt, however, that his Natural History of Birds (and companion work, Gleanings from Natural History) was a great accomplishment for its time. Edwards learned the art of engraving from Mark Catesby, and his ability to do his own drawing, engraving, and coloring made possible the publication of the work from which this striking image of a whimbrel is taken. Framed


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