Richilene Trunk, written by Virginia Blakeney

Richilene Trunk, written by Virginia Blakeney


Virginia Blakeney’s first, just-published novel follows the long historical journey made by families between Europe and the Deep South. From the Louisiana bayou just after the Emancipation Proclamation to the post-Civil War South, from French haute couture to hard-scrabble life on the streets of Rome, from King Cotton plantation life to the Banque de la Nouvelles Orléans, Richilene Trunk offers a treasure trove of intriguing strands connecting the lives of colorful characters with historical richness.

Follow Gilbert LeFleur as adventure and misadventure, redemption and romance interweave his life and those of generations that follow. Will maleficent Camille get away with her tricks? Will Hatch receive his just reward? How will Rolfo find his heart's home? Virginia's lifelong love of history, keen insight into human nature, and skillful storytelling fill Richilene Trunk with surprising twists and delightful descriptions that transport us from the board room to the bedroom, poverty to posh living, and loneliness to love.

Virginia has reserved 100 copies for us, with all book proceeds going to our Peggy Smarkola Memorial Fund benefiting ABODE.

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