Householders are our amazing core group of monthly donors. In our mind’s eye, we see us standing around ABODE with our hands on the walls, holding the space and standing witness to the beautiful work happening inside.

These crucial donations keep our doors open, lights on, pay our staff, put paper in the printer and provide sustenance and meals for so many. Please consider making an ongoing monthly pledge. You can make your donation in someone’s honor, if you’d like, and we’ll send an ABODE card acknowledgement. It’s easier than shopping and does so much more for so many.

To become a Householder, please head over to our Donate page and select the “monthly” option.

As part of our HouseHolders community, you receive these special, exclusive perks, curated just for you:

  • Twice-a-year private coffee hours for your friends/colleagues at ABODE (post-COVID)
  • Once-a-year use of our backyard for a private gathering
  • Brother Cletus poster and set of greeting cards
  • 20 percent discount at
  • 20 percent discount on your first purchase of Scout and Cellar wine
  • ABODE Fiesta pin (while supplies last)
  • Coffee or something more festive with Executive Director Mary Thorsby