Healing Holidays, Making Your Grief Count
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Edwin SasekFacilitated by Edwin Sasek, ABODE Co-Founder

Sponsored by ABODE, Church of Reconciliation and Porter Loring Mortuaries & Cremation Services

6-8 pm, Thursday, Nov. 11
Church of Reconciliation
8900 Starcrest Dr.

This program is free. Please RSVP to info@abodehome.org

Grief during the holidays is always challenging, and even more so in this past year. The season of the holidays renews memories, family ties and traditions. We become painfully aware that our loved one is no longer present, and the pain of the loss is confused with the spirit of the season – which makes it difficult for families to navigate.

We are living with an added layer of collective grief and vulnerability. Learning to navigate a changing world combined with the sorrow of our loss causes us to grieve on many levels. How do we allow ourselves in these times to “make our grief count” and find our internal grounding and resilience?

This workshop will help identify internal and external resources that contribute to self-compassion and enhance resiliency. It will help families embrace their grief, while strengthening characteristics of resilience. Participants will use the holidays to discover how their loved one can live on into their life story, using this special time to continue to heal.


Nov. 11


6-8 pm


Church of Reconciliation
8900 Startcrest Dr.

Porter Loring Mortuaries
Church of Reconciliation