Grief Recovery Support Group with Jacqui Matthews
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Grief is the normal and natural emotional response to change or loss of any kind – especially when it comes to the death of a loved one. Grief is also the result of unmet hopes, dreams and expectations and the loss of intangible concepts such as safety, trust, security, respect, faith…and hope.

You’re invited to join us for our upcoming Grief Record Support Group facilitated by the wonderful Jacqui Matthews, Grief Recovery Method Specialist. This group meets 5:30-7 pm for eight Wednesdays starting Jan. 24 at ABODE.

We all experience grief throughout our lives, as a result of many changes and losses. And we’re not always prepared to handle, manage or recover from the emotional impact that results from these changes and losses. We’ll gain so much from this evidence-based program, especially in improving our knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to grief.

Fee: $13 plus shipping for The Grief Recovery Handbook, the Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce and Other Losses.

For more details or to RSVP, please email

Begins Jan. 24, 2024

Eight Wednesdays


5:30-7 pm



Grief Recovery Method (400) copy