Doula Dispatch Service

How Our Doula Dispatch Service Works

In the past few years, we’ve loved reading stories in the New York Times and People, and hearing them on NPR and Texas Public Radio – to name just a few – about “death doulas.” These stories caught our attention because we at ABODE are, in essence, End of Life Doulas ourselves, and we offer a very robust education program designed to help reduce fears around death. What better way to reduce that fear than to teach folks how to care for people who are dying?

We launched our End of Life Doula Certification program in the fall of 2022. With the overwhelming success of this program, we recognized the opportunity to dispatch our ABODE Doulas out into the community. After a successful soft launch in the winter of 2023, we officially launched our ABODE Doula Dispatch program at the beginning of 2024.

So now, when we learn of folks who are dying and they want to die in their own home (or wherever they may be), we can dispatch our ABODE Doulas into the community to lend support. Our ABODE Doulas are not full-time caregivers, but we can help with a number of items including (but not limited to) advanced directives assistance, funeral planning, vigil planning, legacy planning, companionship and education.

Even better, we have a grant that we use to pay our Dispatched Doulas for up to 40 hours per engagement. After those 40 hours are complete, the Doula can negotiate directly with patients (we call them our Remote Guests) on any rates moving forward.

The program works really well when we can partner with a hospice organization to ensure continuity of care and communication among all members of the medical team.

In essence, ABODE helps our End of Life Doula graduates launch their careers with Remote Guests and compensation.

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So how does this work exactly?

Interested parties should reach out to ABODE End of Life Doula Director Natalie Buster to request an ABODE Doula. ABODE will cover the costs for the first 40 hours of the engagement – after which the Doula and Remote Guest (and/or their family) will negotiate to retain services.

Our Dispatched Doulas serve people who:

  • Are at the end of life and would like companionship and education about what to expect during their final days
  • Need assistance filling out their advanced directives and other end of life paperwork
  • Are interested in planning an end of life celebration
  • Are family members who need a respite from constant caregiving for their dying loved one
  • And more!

While our Dispatched Doulas are not caregivers per se, all of our Dispatched Doulas are well-trained to help with bedside care (such as re-positioning, peri-care, oral care, diapering, toileting and mobility assistance) in the ABODE’s signature contemplative way.

Our Dispatched Doulas can serve in:

  • Private homes and private-care homes
  • Assisted living centers
  • Hospitals
  • Places like ABODE

What ABODE offers in our program that’s different and special is that we provide our students with hands-on training with our Guests in our contemplative approach. For us, that means being in the present moment and being fully focused each time we interact with our Guests and Remote Guests.

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We don’t rush. We don’t fix.
We just serve.

If you or someone you know could benefit from an ABODE Doula, please contact Natalie Buster at

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