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ABODE provides a welcoming, peaceful home and unconditional loving care to our guests through the compassionate service of our community and volunteers.

Our Vision

Dying is a sacred time of life. Love, compassion, and a home matter to all who are dying; those whom we honor and from whom we learn. We serve the community as an educational resource in the art of contemplative living and dying.
Donors in 2013
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Ann Adams

Lauretta and Serment Agolli

Barb Algeo

The Melvin and Mary Anderson Living Trust

Bob and Jan Angel

Bob and Jan Angel, In Celebration of Oliver Lucas Pariseau

Judith Anthony

Peg Armstrong

Barbara and Cal Banker

Michael and Lee Barry

Gretchen and Alex Bealer

Diana Beardsley

George Bettingfield

Bro. Cletus Behlmann

Lyn and Michael Belisle

Susan and Kenneth Bennight

Suzanne Benson

Kevin and Carla Bergner

Margaret Billings

M.T. Billings

Leslie Bingham

Donna Blackburn

Boilingstone Energy Incorporated

Susan Brotherman

Celia Bueno

Drew and Elizabeth Cauthorn

Gary and Susan Christensen

Salvador and Margaret Contreras

Janice George Clyborne

Diane Datz

Paula Davies

Dave Davis

Joyce Davis

Larry Davis

Arthur Dawes

Duane and Phyllis Divich

Joseph and Andrea Dixon

John and Frances Douglas

Dru Dunn

Mary Earle, In Honor of Julie Woody

Mary and Doug Earle

Mary and Doug Earle, In Memory of Gene Colbert

Episcopal Diocese of West Texas, Bishop Gary Lillibridge

Susan K. Evers

June and Richard Ferguson

Richard and June Ferguson, In Honor of Joe and Andi Dixon

Richard and June Charitable Giving Fund

Robert Ferre

Freda Flax

Lawrence Foulkes

Rose Mary Fry

Virginia Fulkerson

The Alfred S. Gage Foundation

Gretchen Garceau-Kragh

Gretchen Garceau-Kragh, In Honor of Patsy Sasek

The Greehey Family Foundation

Lucy Haag

Lucy and Mark Haag

Harte Management Trust

The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation

Francie Haver

H-E-B Foundation

S.C. Hernandez

Shirley J. Herres

Ellen Hightower

Dr. Ann Hillestad

George His

Lynn Houck

Lynn Houck, In Memory of Johnny Armstrong

Darwin Huartson

Barry Hubbard

Tamara Hummel

Edward Jackson

Melissa Kelley

Betty Stieren Kelso Foundation

Miranda Key

Christopher Kohn

Rev. Masatoshi Kohno

Gretchen Kragh

Barbara Kyse

Debbie and Robert Lanford

Vernon and Maureen Leach

Angie Leach-Fardal

Margaret Lewis

Alvin Loewenberg

Ruth Lofgren

Paula Loring

Joan B. Lymna, In Honor of Hal Guilford

Thomas MacDonald

Claudia Maceo

Patrick C. Mackin

Betty Sue Marland

Mary S. Marmion

Martin Martin

Patricia Massey

Karen Mateson

William McBride

Charles and Michelle Matt

Mays Family Foundation

Petra McCann, In Honor of Isjarati Soemarmon

McCombs Foundation

Collene McDonald

Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust

Jo Lynne Meador

Bill and Marise Melson

Betty Merchant

Naina Pitamber Michalek

Christine Millender

Glee Miller

Lenore Miranda

Roxie Montesano

Sharon Mungo

Caroline Naranjo

Betty and Carlos Naranjo

Liz and Craig Newhouse

John Newman Family Foundation

Jana Orsinger

Orsinger Family Trust of the San Antonio Area Foundation

Dian Graves Owen Foundation

Clytie Thomas Phelps

Narjis Pierre

Kim and David Pipes

Jan Pope, In Memory of Bob Pope

Janet Pope

Gregg and Erin Popovich Family Fund

Glenn and Cora N Poteet

Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust

Terry Gay Pucket

Norma Quijano

Bonnie Reed

Fred W Riley

Leo Rose

Saint Susie Charitable Foundation

David and Debbie Sasek

Edwin and Patsy Sasek

Joe and Vicki Sasek

Mark and Charlotte Sasek

Mary Jane Sasek

William and Salome Scanlan Foundation

Pat and Gerald Schulz

Lynda Sherland

Corrine Sherman

Shield-Ayres Foundation

Sisters of the Holy Spirit and Mary Immaculate

Charles Slater

The Smothers Foundation

Edith Speert

Edith Speert, In Honor of Sister Alice Holden

The Strumberg Foundation

Edgar Tanner

Tom and Judy Taylor

Rev. Timothy J and Elizabeth Turner

Anna and John Verstagen

Cliff and Elizabeth Waller

Jo Dana Ware

Kristin Webber

Cmdr Maxine Wilcox

Stanley and Robbin Winchester

Lori and Mark Wright

Jane Young

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