Welcome to ABODE

ABODE provides a welcoming, peaceful home and unconditional loving care to our guests through the compassionate service of our community and volunteers.

Our Vision

Dying is a sacred time of life. Love, compassion, and a home matter to all who are dying; those whom we honor and from whom we learn. We serve the community as an educational resource in the art of contemplative living and dying.
Guest Stories
Carolyn had been a vibrant woman with an important career in the health care field. Even at her relatively young age, Alzheimer’s became apparent and caused her to not be able to recognize her husband, Ed or take care of herself. When it became necessary for her to have 24-hour care in addition to the assisted living home, Ed found that Carolyn was eligible for ABODE’s special care. Not having children, ABODE became a home for Carolyn and a second home for Ed. The staff and volunteers took very special care of Carolyn with love and compassion. In a final moment of clarity, Carolyn said to a volunteer, “Where I am going, you cannot go, but you will be fine.” We at ABODE are privileged and honored to be with guests like Carolyn at the end of life.

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