Welcome to ABODE

ABODE provides a welcoming, peaceful home and unconditional loving care to our guests through the compassionate service of our community and volunteers.

Our Vision

Dying is a sacred time of life. Love, compassion, and a home matter to all who are dying; those whom we honor and from whom we learn. We serve the community as an educational resource in the art of contemplative living and dying.

Carolyn Alderette

    Gretchen Bealer

    Catherine Carignan

    Jan Carter

    Tom and Jean Chapman

    Harriette H Dorosin

    Dolores Esparza

    Sharon Garant

    Ann Wallace Huddleston

    Susan M. Janacek

    Don and Patricia Loving

    Maggie Macpherson

    Lyn and Joe McDonald

    Charles and Michelle Schraub

    Lisa K Sherblom

    Thomas and Marian Sokol

    Renson Enterprises, Ltd.

Blondie Putman Bird

    Peg Armstrong

Mogens Christensen

    Mary J Bailey

    Vicky DiPaola

    Ann M Wilger

Angie Cruz

    Chris Puckett

John Devine

    Joyce Davis

Kel Ferguson

    Bob and Jan Angel

Geraldine A Fish

    Ed Sasek

    Gert Tuckett

Dr. Samuel J. Friedberg

    Ruth C. Friedberg

Mary Gomez

    Rosa L. Martinez

    Sandy Millman

Beatrice Hanson

    Corrine Sherman

    Terry Sibley


Robert Hausser

    Stella Brown

S.C. Hernandez Sr.

    Mr. S.C. Hernandez, Jr.

Jim Matson

    Karen Matson

Eddie Mezzetti

    Louis & Elizabeth Bernasconi

    New Century Hospice

    Lee E. McCuistion

    Monica Morales

    Sandra Phillips

    Opal Umpierre

Mary Miller

    Duane and Phyllis Divich

Alfonso Quijano

    Martin Martin


Evangeline M. Skees

    Cynthia A. Stanley

David Tedesco

    Sarah N Tedesco

Susan Townley

    Michele Hernandez

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