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ABODE provides a welcoming, peaceful home and unconditional loving care to our guests through the compassionate service of our community and volunteers.

Our Vision

Dying is a sacred time of life. Love, compassion, and a home matter to all who are dying; those whom we honor and from whom we learn. We serve the community as an educational resource in the art of contemplative living and dying.
Donors in 2015
Thank you for giving generously.

Dan Adams

Ed Alderette

Mary Frances Anderson

Carol Andrews

Bob and Jan Angel

Sarah and Paul Armendariz

Peg Armstrong

Josephine Azios

Mary J Bailey

Gretchen Bealer

Diana Beardsley

Bro. Cletus Behimann

Lyn and Michael Belisle

Louis & Elizabeth Bernasconi

Carol Bertsch

Kris Bird

Frankie Boone

Susan Brotherman

Stella Brown

Sally Buchanan

Niki Burnam

Shelly Burnam

Spencer Burman

Dean Byers

Kate Campbell

Marcus Cardenas

Catherine Carignan

Jan Carter

Cynthia Champion

Tom and Jean Chapman

David Chasis

Melanie Christenson

Susan Christensen

James A. Cochran

Edith & Finis Collins

Margaret Contreras

Kay Cote

Valerie Crosswell

Diane Datz

Paula Davies

Dr. Larry and Mrs. Cathryn Kellene Davis

Joyce Davis

Arthur Dawes

Vicky DiPaola

Duane and Phyllis Divich

Duane Divich

Joseph and Andrea Dixon

Harriette H Dorosin

Jaqueline A Dorsey

Frances Douglas

Carter Dreesman

Thomas Duesing

Dorothy D. Dunn

Dru Dunn

Theressa Dykman

Jeannine Engberg

Dolores Esparza

Susan K. Evers

David and Debbie Sasek Family

Edda Fernandez

Robert Ferre

Donna M Fisher

Mary Flanagan

Anne Fontaine

Carol A. Fortino

Sam Foster

Lawrence Foulkes

Nancy Franklin

Ruth C. Friedberg

Ana Maria Frietze

Rose Mary Fry

Virginia Fulkerson

Russell Gainer

Sharon Garant

Gretchen Garceau-Kragh

Adela B Garcia-Koza

Darlene E. Garcia

Fred Garza

Anonymous Gift

Michael and Barbara Gentry

Chuck Gibbons

Kathy & Patrick Glasow

Patrick Glasow

Michelle Golla

Adriana M. Gomez del Campo

Diego Gonzalez

Marilyn Graham

Sharon L. Grant

Monnie Groos

Rebecca Hadley

William G. Haldenwang

Barbara Hammel

Deborah Hanus

Lisbeth Hanus

Lilas Harvey

Michele Hernandez

Mr. S.C. Hernandez, Jr.

Nancy/Robert Hibbs

Dr. Ann Hillestad

Richard Hinger

Sister Alice Holden

Patty Horridge

New Century Hospice

Barry Hubbard

Ann Wallace Huddleston

William Hudnell

Henrietta M Huff

Susan M. Janacek

Gail Jaszcz

Leslie Beckhart Jenal

Cynthia Jones

Patsy Jordt

Mary Karafin

Mr. Herbert D. Kelleher

Irene Keller

Melissa J Kelly

Peter and Phyllis Kline

Eileen Knott

Emily Knott

Christopher Kohn

Sheila Korte

Barbara C Kyse

Frank Laborde

Dena Lackey

Lafayette Presbyterian Church

Angie Leach-Fardal

Anne Leonard

Alvin Loewenberg

Ruth Lofgren

Don and Patricia Loving

Eloy R. Lozano

Mr. Richard D. Lozano

Maggie Macpherson

Peter and Sylvia Maddox

Martin Martin and Norma Quijano

Rosa L. Martinez

Shelby Martinez

Lisa Mason

Karen Matson

Charles and Michelle Matt

Rebecca Mc Minn

Petra P. McCann

Lee E. McCuistion

Lyn and Joe McDonald

Clay McGaughy

Marise Melson

Dorothy Mezzetti

Ellen Miller

Glee Miller

Sandy Millman

Denise Miner-Williams

Rita T. Minkley

Monica Morales

Dr. Marvin Moszkowicz

Maripat Munley

Sam and Cheryl Nesmith

Elizabeth and Craig Newhouse

Ellie and Kim Newson

Mary Nguyen

Jana Orsinger

Donna Oviedo

Cecilia Pacheco

Col. Paul A. Parker, (Ret.)

Sandra Phillips

Mrs. Jennita Poston

Cora N. Poteet

Chris Puckett

Terry Gay Puckett

Kerry & Chris Quinn

Sara Criss Ramsey

Ruby Rayborn

Edith Reed

Lee Ricks

Fred W Riley

Amy Rodriguez

Dharma Rodriguez

Eric and Amy J Rodriguez

Juan & Flor Rodriguez

Leo Rose

Fred and Mary Rosin

Robert Russo

Ed and Jane Sasek

Edwin & Patsy Sasek

Patti Schermerhorn

Joan C Schmelzle

Helen M. Schnelzer

Charles and Michelle Schraub

Pat and Gerald Schulz

Nancy Schweers

Victoria Shackelford

Laura Shaver

Ron and Regena Shelby

Lisa K Sherblom

Corrine Sherman

Mary Beth Sibley

Terry Sibley

Christie A. Smith

Julia Smith

Judith Sobr̀©

Thomas and Marian Sokol

Rabbi Samuel Shahl and Lynn Shahl

Lynn Stahl

Cynthia A. Stanley

Susan Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. Albert V Steves

J C M Stromberger

Richard and Paula Sullivan

Mr. Patrick Henry Swearingen, Jr

Peter Szarmach and Becky Hadley

Garnet and John Szurek

Garnet Szurek

Annette Taylor

Louise Taylor

Tom and Judy Taylor

Sarah N Tedesco

Shawna Theriot

Tamara Sue Trummer

Gert Tuckett

Opal Umpierre

Rebeca Veliz

Anna Verstegen

Addis Walker

Clifford and Elizabeth Waller

Jodana R. Ware

Judith Waring

Tom Weaver

Gordon West

Ann M Wilger

Linda D. Williams

Nancy Wilson

Stan and Robbin Winchester

Luke Wolfe

Karen Wood

Patricia Wood

Heather Wright

Jane Marie Young

John Young

John F. Younger

John Zanca

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