Welcome to ABODE

ABODE provides a welcoming, peaceful home and unconditional loving care to our guests through the compassionate service of our community and volunteers.

Our Vision

Dying is a sacred time of life. Love, compassion, and a home matter to all who are dying; those whom we honor and from whom we learn. We serve the community as an educational resource in the art of contemplative living and dying.
Donors in 2012
Thank-you to those who donated in 2012.
¿Qué Te Late? Claudia Maceo              
Lauretta and Sermet Agolli Kathryn and Patrick Mackin
Allegra Printing (Grant) Sylvia Maddox
Bob and Jan Angel, In Honor of Edith Reed Franklin Magnuson and Herminia Watkins
Anonymous, Dayton Foundation Pat Maguire
Anonymous, In Honor of Edith Reed Barbara Maloy
Anonymous, In Honor of Narisbanu Moody Matthew Mangold
Anonymous, In Honor of Priscilla Coppock Jean Marmion
Anonymous, In Honor of Rusty Wilson Ronald Mason
Terry Arata-Maiers Karen Matson
Peg Armstrong Charles and Michelle Matt
Adriana Arzac William Mayo
Ruth Asher William Mayo, In Honor of Kay Cote
Martha Atkins Petra McCann
Wayne and Judith Banks Michael McManus 
Elizabeth Baskin and Ada Goff Chris Medina 
George Beddingfield David and Tina Melfi 
Lyn and Michael Belisle Bill and Marise Melson 
Michelle Belto Betty M. Merchant 
Susan and Kenneth Bennight Carlos and Edith Merla 
Suzanne Benson Dave Mettauer 
Helen and Roy Blair Dorothy Mikulas 
Margaret Bowman Glee Miller 
Stella Brown Roxie Montesano 
Steven and Carolyn Brown Judy Montville 
Sally Buchanan Nasha Moody 
Miriam Burke Joann and Robert Moore 
Norma Busse The Moore Girls 
Dan E. and Paula Butt Charitable Fund (Grant) Covita Moroney 
Fred and Kate Campbell Maripat and Tom Munley 
Drew and Elizabeth Cauthorn Gill and JoAnn Murillo 
Center for Spiritual Growth and the Contemplative Life Mustard Seed Designs 
Gary and Susan Christensen Betty and Carlos Naranjo 
Church of Reconciliation Betty and Carlos Naranjo, In Honor of Danny Castillo 
Janice George Clyborne Laura Narvaez 
Tom and Kathy Cody-Gallaway David Nelson
Coker Untied Methodist Men Sam and Cheryl Nesmith 
David Collum Liz and Craig Newhouse 
Priscilla Coppock Diederik and Nancy Olijslager 
Charlotte Cox Sandra  Olson-Smith
Shawn and Sarah Cox Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis St. Anthony Fraternity
Kelly Cross Ordo Franciscanus Saecularis St. Anthony Fraternity,
Valerie Crosswell           In Honor of Dr. Richard Ferguson
Tracey A. Curran Jana Orsinger and Bill Orr
Dave Davis Donna Oviedo 
Larry and Kellene Davis Dian Graves Owen Foundation 
Arthur Dawes Cecelia Pacheco 
James and Glenda Deal Cathryn Pelkey 
Pat DiGiovanni Clytie Thomas Phelps  
John and Frances Douglas Mary Piker 
Mary and Doug Earle Louise Ann Pinette De Siller 
Estella Eichbauer David Plemons 
Jeannine Engberg Trevor Pollard 
Episcopal Diocese of West Texas Jesse Poston 
Christine Farrell and Evan Millender,  Zygmund and Patricia Pruski 
          In Honor of Arthur Dawes  Jacqueline Pugh
          In Honor of Rick Kinworthy Norma Quijano 
Joel B. Feinglass Margarite Ramonez 
Richard and June Ferguson Art and Kathy Ramseur 
Robert Ferre Edith Reed
Donna Fisher Madeleine Reichert
Leonard Flaum Antonia Richardson
Flohr Family Foundation Laura Rinard 
Lawrence Foulkes, In Honor of Maria LoRusso Cucal  Robledo Montecel , 
Donald Fridley           In Honor of Rosa Guadalupe Robledo
Samuel and Ruth Friedberg Lee and Mariel Rodgers
Rose Mary Fry Randy Rodgers 
Virginia Fulkerson Dr. Waid and Mary Rogers 
Russell Gainer Enomie Rosenthal 
Thomas Galloway Fred and Mary Rosin 
Felice Garcia Ruth Bowman Russell 
Gentiva Hospice Foundation Robert Russo 
Linda and Bruce Gilleland San Antonio Area Foundation (Grant) 
Patrick Glasow Charlotte and Mark Sasek 
Ingrid Gleason Edwin and Patsy Sasek 
Michelle Golla Edwin and Patsy Sasek,
Marilyn Graham           In Honor of Diane Thomas Ordination 
Bonita Griffith Bertha Saucedo
Diana Grippi Charles and Sharon Saxer,
Nancy Grojean, In Memory of Bee Zaunbrecher            In Honor of Diane Thomas Ordination
Dorothy Haeker, In Honor of Peg Armstrong Pat and Gerald Schulz
William Haldenwang Pat and Gerald Schulz, In Memory of Ralph Spears Sr
Deborah Hanus Nancy Schweers 
Madelyn Hauser Dorothy Scott 
Francie Haver Victoria Shackelford 
Don Hendricks Corrine Sherman 
Mary Ellen Henry Bill and Deems Smith 
Javier Hernandez Jane Raven Smith 
Mr. S.C. Hernandez, Jr. Joe Smith 
The Robert T. & Shirley J. Herres   Zane Smith 
     Charitable Fund of the San Antonio, Bob and Sally Sohn 
            In Honor of Barbara and Michael Gentry Edith Speert 
Ann Hillestad Elsie Steg 
George His Hayden and Donna Stewart
Ho'oponopono James and Ethel Stewart 
Peggy Hodge Betty and Bud Storrs 
Sister Alice Holden Nancy Sutter 
Holy Trinity Catholic Church Peter Szarmach and Betty Hadley 
Lynn Houck, In Honor of Peg Armstrong Garnet Szurek 
Darwin Huartson Garnet and John Szurek 
Darwin Huartson, In Honor of Patsy Sasek Gail Taylor 
Barry Hubbard Tom and Judy Taylor 
Sherry Humphreys Valerie Taylor 
Linda and Philip Jacobs The Smothers Foundation (Grant) 
Debra Janes Luxury Realtor Shawna Theriot 
Shirley Jones Diane Thomas 
Olga Joukovski Jason and Rachel Thomas,  
Linda Kenny           In Honor of Diane Thomas Ordination 
Miranda Key Joyce Townsend 
Erin Kinworthy Timothy and Elizabeth Turner 
Erin Kinworthy, In Honor of Christine Millender Carolyn Valdivieso 
Shirley Kinworthy, In Honor of Our Family Rebecca Veliz 
Gretchen Kragh Susie Villareal 
Sandy Kuharich VITAS Innovative Hospice Care 
Jacquelyn Kyle, In Honor of Peg Armstrong In Memory of Leroy and Grace Waggoner  
Barbara Kyse Molly and Robert Walden 
Frank Laborde Charles Walker
Liaquat Lakha Clifford and Elizabeth Waller 
Debbie and Robert Lanford Jodana R. Ware 
Angie Leach-Fardal Steven and Jenger Waters
Breck Lebeque Martha Watkins 
Dan Leonard Martha Kiki Wheelock 
Dr. Michael Lichtenstein and Mary Flanagan Kathleen Whitehead 
Bishop Gary Lillibridge Patri Williams 
Sharon Linnartz, In Honor of Pat Maguire Rusty Williams 
Alvin Loewenberg Pamela Wingard
Ruth Lofgren Patricia Wood 
Porter Loring Alez and Dorothy Ybarra
Tim Lowell Sibylle Yetman

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